Influencer Marketing: The Pros and Cons and is it Right for Your Business?

Social media has given rise to internet sensations who gain followers through their desirable lifestyles. These people create a community of individuals who trust and value their ideas and opinions. What makes them influencers is their use of social media platforms to promote products or campaigns to their audiences. Brands have seen proven success through partnerships with these influencers, with studies showing some businesses to convert twice as many sales as paid ads

Importance of Video Marketing

Videos provide a voice to your company, and the direction of a video can showcase the narrative and mission of your business. While the idea of purchasing video equipment can seem difficult and an investment with little return, it has never been cheaper or more cost effective.

Understanding Social Media Algorithms in 2019

These algorithms, especially on Instagram, make it difficult for businesses to reach their communities, with their posts becoming lost in the mix. What worked for your company on social media in 2018 may not perform as well in 2019. In this blog are some tools to use when creating a new social media strategy in 2019, and how to utilize algorithms to the advantage and success of your business.

Spotlight: Andres Negro Jr.

Growing up, the companies I worked for were either against social media, or didn’t want to do it themselves. I started to see a pattern where most people understood that it was important, but didn’t know how to use it to meet their goals.