Spotlight: Andres Negro Jr.

Spotlight: Andres Negro Jr.

Job Title: Director, NZ Strategic Consulting Solutions, LLC

When did you know you wanted to be an entrepreneur?


Well my first “business” was when I was 10 years old, and worked with a local pet store while living in Peru. I even created a proposal for my grandfather to “invest” in my company.  My grandfather bought me two bunnies, and I took care of them and bred them for the store. I didn’t know it was business plan at the time, but it excited me to be able to be self-sufficient.


Why are you working in this industry?

Growing up, the companies I worked for were either against social media, or didn’t want to do it themselves. I started to see a pattern where most people understood that it was important, but didn’t know how to use it to meet their goals. I started researching and teaching myself the basics, and became specialized in optimizing social media. I saw there was a market for it, and it was a need for companies that I could provide.


What motivated you to co-start NZ?

I always enjoyed helping people, and I felt that working for somebody else I couldn’t take charge of how much I could help somebody. With the companies that we work with, I want to be able to provide as much assistance as we can. When I was still working as an employee for other companies, I realized that it was not igniting my passion. My motivation to start NZ was not only to provide a meaningful business for my team, but to provide meaningful business to other companies.


What accomplishment shaped your career?

I train in karate, and earning my black belt was an accomplishment that shaped who I am today. It showed me that hard work pays off, and that every accomplishment is just the beginning of a new goal. In martial arts, just like in life, no matter how much you improve you can always get better. It taught me to always strive for something, and gave me the discipline to take every setback as a learning experience that propelled my even further than before. 


What is your vision for NZ?

I want NZ to be a regional company within the next five years, and expand to national within ten years. I also want to expand our business and strategic planning services. I know this is an ambitious goal, but I always tell my clients that in order to achieve high goals they must aim high.


What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I love weightlifting, a passion I discovered in high school. I hold a world record in powerlifting, and I’m currently training for my second record.


What book should every entrepreneur read?

7 Habits of Highly Effective People  

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