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A strong social media presence is necessary for any business that wants to succeed in today’s digital society. Unfortunately, many businesses do not have the time or expertise to run their social media effectively. Social media is an ever changing universe filled with new algorithms, trends, and unspoken rules. NZ Consulting provides the following social media services:

  • Social Media Outsourcing:

    This is our best selling option, tailored for a company that understands they need a social media presence but do not have the time or staff for it. Our team will handle your company’s posts, liking of posts relevant to your business, answers to posts you are tagged in, among many other services. This option provides you with a team that will handle the day to day operations of your social media platforms.

  • Staff Training:

    This option is for a company that already has a social media presence, but wants to achieve better results. It is hard to understand which social media platform works best for your business or which post are going to get your audience to engage. Our consultants will break it down for your team and answer any questions you might still have.

  • Creation of Social Media Pages:

    No social media pages yet? No problem! Our consultants will help you chose which social media platform will work best for your business and will create the pages that your company needs to stay relevant.

  • Revamping of Current Social Media Platforms:

    This option is for the business that has social media pages, but are not currently using them. NZ Consulting will create a new feel for your pages and help you come up with an editorial calendar to make posting easier for you.

  • Creation and Monitoring of Social Media Campaigns:

    Whether you want to promote your website or product, we can help you create social media promotions that will give you results. Our consultants will help you create the content, figure out how to target the right audience, and when to start and end your campaign. We also provide you with a comprehensive analytics report for each project we are involved with.


Every business needs a strong marketing team, but sometimes having an outside point of view on how your company runs their marketing campaigns can be useful. Our marketing services include:

  • Analysis of Current Marketing Plan:

    Our consultants will provide an objective view on your company’s current marketing efforts based on data and tangible results. We will also provide a thorough market analysis, SWOT analysis, help you reevaluate your current goals and use of the marketing mix.

  • Marketing Plan Creation and Implementation:

    NZ Consulting will create a custom marketing plan for your business. Our consultants will work with your staff to implement the plan and ensure it is successfully executed. Our plans include all the key concepts of traditional marketing plans such as the marketing mix, SWOT analysis, defining your target market, and setting clear goals. NZ Consulting prides ourselves on our out of the box thinking, and brings an innovative twist to the traditional marketing approach.

  • Expansion of Current Marketing Efforts :

    This option is meant for a company that has a marketing plan and team in place but needs assistance with the workload. Our marketing experts will work alongside your team to provide support with research, implementation, and overall management of your company’s marketing plan.

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More than just Social Media

While we focus mostly in social media, NZ Consulting offers several other services.

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