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Business Consulting:

At NZ Strategic Consulting Solutions LLC, we work with our clients to develop a comprehensive business plan that projects the profitability of their business using the following methods:

  • Defining the business value proposition in relation to its environment and the needs of the target client

  • Identifying the current business risks and projections of future risks

  • Determining the operational requirements in order to clarify the business value proposition

  • Defining the financial model of the present and projected value in relation to the business value proposition

  • Executive Summary

Strategic Planning:

At NZ Strategic Solutions, we develop an integral analysis of the organization and its competitive environment. We gather information from your prospective market and clients in order to offer an outside perspective that will grow your company by implementing new ideas and strategies. This includes:  

  • Market/Sector analysis where our clients perform their commercial activities – determining the threshold resources as well as core capabilities and the organization’s competitors 

  • Evaluation and projection of the opportunities in relation to the economic and political circumstances in its current commercial environment

  • SWOT and Bench-Marking analysis

  • Defining and clarifying the strategic goals

  • Designing potential plans of action 

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