Combining Digital and In-Person Interactions Drives Business Success

by Theresa Schempp

In 2018, many people are inclined to say that an entire business can be run from just your smartphone. According to a 2017 report, the number of Americans who do 50% or more of their work at home or in a location other than their office grew 115% from 2005 to 2015. Similarly, a Gallup survey found that 43% of employed Americans have spent time working remotely. Office desks are increasingly emptier, yet digital information is increasingly fuller.

However, successful businesses will tell you that live interactions are more important than ever to drive growth. In a survey by Embassy Suites, 97% of business travelers considered face-to-face interaction to be “the most important part of developing and maintaining strong client relationships”. Because so many businesses have committed to a strictly digital interaction with their audience, their brand loses authenticity, and only hold the attention of their audience for five seconds.

To promote the best success of your business, a combination of digital and in-person platforms will not only ensure the loyalty of your clients, but will widen your scope of clients across all generations and locations. Here are some simple strategies to effectively drive your business’ success through digital and physical interactions.

Grow from online into the real world. Businesses that started online can easily expand into the community. The popularity of “pop-ups” are an easy way to have your business’ name and services experienced at a variety of events. Reserve a table at a local event that will attract large groups. Promote this event on your digital platforms to entice your current clients to show their support. Open a table at a park on “National Lemonade Day” and entice people to come drink lemonade while you discuss your services.

Live stream. The increasing popularity of live streaming on social media platforms are an excellent tool to promote your business. Whether it is streaming an event or streaming a “Q&A” (where users tuned in can ask questions related to your business), it is an easy and effective way to engage your audience. They will put a face to your brand, and will be more inclined to support you.

Partake in seasonal and local traditions. Whether it is posting about the first day of summer or attending a 10k run, research local traditions and incorporate them into your events or social platforms to personally engage with your audience. These “small things” will resonate with your current and future clients.

Interaction is essential to driving your business to its full potential, and it can be done with a hybrid of digital and in-person. In many cases, social media makes in-person interactions much more valuable to your clients. The more you master the mix of digital and physical presence, the greater momentum your business will receive towards its success. 

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